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Curb holiday spending

The season of giving is upon us. For many of us, giving gifts to our family and friends can start to get expensive. Not to mention the money spent on food, drinks and decorations for holiday parties. With everything going on during the holiday season, we can easily get in over our heads — or over our budget. Here are nine tips to help you curb your holiday spending this year.

1. Think about all the things you need or want to spend money on, including gifts, greeting cards, decorations, food, etc. Then, create a spending limit for yourself based on those items.

2. Once you have your spending limit, create a list of holiday purchases that fits within your limit, and stick to it!

3. Shop around to find the best deal.

4. Keep track of all the money you spend (especially if you use credit cards!) to make sure you keep on budget.

5. If you do use a credit card, try to stick to just one so it is easier to keep track of your spending. Come up with a plan on how you’re going to pay off your balance.

6. When you charge items, only charge what you would spend if you were to pay cash today. Don’t spend more than what you have.

7. Organize a gift exchange with your family members so you don’t have to purchase a gift for everyone.

8. If you give gifts to your favorite service providers, consider making or baking something instead of purchasing a gift.

9. Give the gift of you instead of a purchased gift. For example, child care, home-cooked meals, lessons or help in other ways can be a great gift to give.

For more information on family financial management, you can contact Christina Rittenbach, Stutsman County Extension agent, at 252-9030 or, or visit