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NSAA commissioner speaks at Kiwanis

Cory Anderson, commissioner of the North Star Athletic Association, was introduced by Katie Ryan-Anderson in Charles Kreb’s absence at the Kiwanis meeting.

Anderson spent 19 years in higher education before taking this position. He is located at the University of Jamestown.

The NSAA currently has five members and hopes to have seven in the next year, 10 in 2015 and 16 in the future, Anderson said. He said he would like all the schools to be along Interstate 94 and Interstate 29 to make it easier for students and fans. The farthest distance for UJ to travel is to Dickinson, N.D., and Anderson said he would like travel time to be kept at 10 hours or less for all schools.

UJ has a comprehensive sports program with 16 different activities, Anderson said. There needs to be six schools in order for the conference to get an automatic bid to nationals. There are only two soccer teams in the NSAA so they need to travel far away to play, and they don’t have the opportunity to get an automatic bid to nationals. Hopefully the NSAA will become larger to rectify that, he said.

Jan Barnes, president-elect, led the meeting with 20 members and two guests attending. Howard and Dorothy Beyer from Bottineau, N.D., attended the meeting. Dorothy Beyer is Don Caine’s sister. Caine led the group in singing and was accompanied by Sharon Caine. Jeff Weidenmeyer collected “Happy Dollars” for new song books.

Becca Spenningsby will introduce the speaker at the Feb. 3 meeting at the Legacy Center.

Jamestown Kiwanis meets each Monday at noon and welcomes new members.