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Lech shares on plan at Rotary

Rob Lech, Jamestown Public Schools superintendent, shared some of the details of the JPS strategic plan for 2014-18 at the Rotary Club’s recent meeting. He said the plan is a work in progress with 80 stakeholders. In this second session there were 65 participants.

Lech said the plan reviewed the major strengths of JPS: people, facilities and community support.

Lech said that all groups of people generally mentioned the qualifications, training, care and dedication of the school staff and administrators as one of the district’s greatest assets. He said the district maintains high-quality, clean and well-equipped facilities. He also said there is a positive community attitude toward the schools, a sense of pride in the schools and parents are involved in the education of their children.

Lech said one of the major objectives will be to develop and implement a plan to review and revise policies in order to establish a clear distinction of the roles and responsibilities between the JPS School Board and the school administration. A review of the use of land for future growth for the high school as well as the middle and grade schools is also a key factor for the future, he said. Funding is also critical. The JPS School Board and administration welcome input from the community, Lech said.

Carrie Orn presided over the meeting, Doug Panchot gave the table blessing, Tim Ottmar and Jackie Tews led the group in singing and Shirley Jackson collected “Happy Dollars.” This was Jackson’s first opportunity to be the sergeant-at-arms.

Jessica Azure was the student guest and Calie Sailer, First Community Credit Union financial service officer, was also a guest.

Orn reminded members that volunteers are needed for Meals on Wheels during March, April and May. The Wine Tasting and Brew Ha! Ha! is April 14 at the Quality Inn & Suites. She also told members that Keith Trego, executive director for the North Dakota National Resources, will speak at the district meeting, which will be held May 8-10.

Gail Martin will give the invocation, and Darrell Losing is the sergeat-at-arms.