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I.T. Works founder speaks at Kiwanis

Sandy Franke introduced Travis Vinje, owner of I.T.Works, at the recent Kiwanis meeting.

Vinje is originally from Grand Forks, where he and two others started a business. In December, he came to Jamestown and started I.T. Works. He has eight years of experience and since there was competition in Fargo and Bismarck, he decided to open his new business here. It is located in Meidinger Square. He fixes broken laptops, phones, computers, cracked iPads and also helps if a computer is slow, if there are popups or viruses. He started a website and has recently updated it, letting people know he is a one-stop shop for phone and computer repair. He has been expanding his advertising and wants people to know about his work. He can be reached at 952-6400.

President Janna Bergstedt led the meeting with 19 members attending as well as one guest and possible member, Jerrod Hann, a new chiropractor at Schmidt Chiropractor Clinic. Lt. Mitch Brecto led the group singing accompanied by Tim Burchill.

Our special guest was Lt Gov.-Elect Gary Ochsner, who is originally from Jamestown. He said the Jamestown Kiwanis Club meets every goal that is set. Many service organizations are having problems with membership; however, Jamestown’s club has added members.

Kiwanis loses 50,000 to 60,000 Key Club members (high school students) each year when they go off to college as there are not enough Circle K clubs available. The Circle K clubs are for college students. They are looking for a lieutentant governor for this region. They have split it out so the new lieutenant governor would have only the cities of Jamestown, Carrington, Harvey and Devils Lake.

Brecto of the Salvation Army, thanked everyone for the $10,143 that was raised by the Kiwanis Club ringing bells during the Christmas season.

Darryl Bernston will introduce the speaker at the Feb. 10 noon luncheon meeting at the Legacy Center.