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Reimers talks about drones at Kiwanis

Don Bentz introduced Jim Reimers, who spoke to Kiwanis members on the drones used on his farm.

Reimers farms in Stutsman County. He has lived on a farm all of his life. His parents’ farm was in Courtenay, N.D. He graduated from Wimbledon High School and North Dakota State University. He and his wife, Deb, have five boys.

Reimers received his private pilot license in 1984. He has been doing precision farming for quite a few years. He said there are just more tools to work with to make things precise. In the 1970s and 1980s there were soil maps. Now farmers have something that is pulled behind the pickup and measures if it’s clay or sandy. They have hand-steered tractors for precision planting as it is straighter. The steering misses the overlap so there isn’t too much fertilizer in one area. Reimers had a couple of drones that he showed Kiwanis members. He noted a camera could be placed in a drone take pictures. A helicopter can do a quarter of land in 45 minutes. These drones are quite new and there are some growing pains with them.

President-Elect Jan Barnes led the meeting with 21 members attending. Tickets were handed out to the members who will be attending the Ag Luncheon. Don Caine led the group singing and was accompanied by Sharon Caine. Wes Hart collected “Happy Dollars” for Kids Against Hunger. The packaging food event will be held on April 5 at the Buffalo Mall. Volunteers are still needed. Alissa Hanson will introduce the March 31 program.