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Jewels of Prairie to meet at Ave Maria

The Jewels of the Prairie will meet at Ave Maria Village at 2 p.m. April 8 for a tour of the new addition and chapel.

Jan Barnes, development director at Ave Maria Village, will give an update and tour that will be followed with coffee and dessert.

Attendees should call Gayle Lange at 952-2829 and make reservations by Friday or email Jackie Tarpinian.

Thirty-two members and guests met at the Hampton Inn in March. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, members “Wandered the Emerald Isle” with Jonelle Lindbo, a guest, who entertained them with some armchair travel about a trip to Ireland she took with her three sisters. Rather than taking a tour, they decided to wing it on their own with a rental car, Lindbo said.

In addition to the visits to castles and other tourist attractions, Lindbo and her sisters got to know the locals when needing help with flat tires — two at a time in one case. They flew into Shannon Airport in Ireland, and they went to Scotland after spending 10 days in Ireland. Key lime pie was served with coffee, keeping the “green theme” for Ireland.

Andy Carper was welcomed as a new Red Hatter. Jodi Tarpinian, who was visiting from Atlanta, Ga., was a guest. Favorite family recipes were collected as part of a future project.

Jackie Fuher brought two pairs of sweater mittens that her daughter, Jessie, had made and given to the chapter. Numbered shamrocks were handed out at registration and a drawing for the mittens was held. Members Marcella Baker of Jamestown and Georgine Pollert of Litchville were the winners.