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Ypsilanti 50+ Club meets

The Ypsilanti 50+ Club met at its clubhouse May 22 with 14 members and two guests present. Members answered roll call by telling what books, besides the Bible, they enjoyed reading. President Harriet Lien opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, and DeLette Winkelman read the minutes of the last meeting. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

For old business, Velma Roeske and Marge Lange reported David Drenth has the ramp on his agenda, and the work will proceed.

Under new business, the club approved having all of its door locks keyed the same.

Members shared ideas for future programs.

Lien won the $5 door prize.

Irene Medeirus was interviewed by Roeske, the club’s reporter. Her homeland, the Philippines, consists of three main islands, but includes 7,100 islands in all. Medeirus’ family home faces the Pacific Ocean so it is the first area to be hit by typhoons.

The government of the Philippines focuses a lot on education. The competition for jobs is extremely strong even for those with college degrees, Medeirus said. A lot of workers go abroad and send money home to their families. Medeirus shared information about her education and her family of seven.

Medeirus said she met Charles on the Internet. After one year of courtship, he flew to the Philippines. They were married a year later, but the paperwork for her to come to the U.S. was difficult, she said. Her first attempt was denied. Then a spousal visa was granted. There are 10 to 15 people of Philippian descent in the Jamestown area. Irene Medeirus said she feels she is basically accepted. She said she has had instances where she had to stick up for herself and learned to fight for her rights even if she is in the minority.

The club’s next meeting will be a noon potluck on Thursday. Guests are welcome. The nurse will be available for foot care and blood pressure checks.