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Club holds shoot for Dardis memorial gift fund

The Buffalo City Gun Club hosted the second annual John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund “City Shoot” June 24. There were 45 entrants in the three different events.

The entry money totaled $720, and Schumacher Construction made a $300 contribution to the gift fund. Dennis Sand made a private donation, and Matt Herman of Kulm donated $6, while Jim Schumacher donated $16. The total amount raised came to $1,042. Expenses for the City Shoot amounted to almost $300 and were donated by the Buffalo City Gun Club.

Shooting results

Three events with 50 targets each were held during the “City Shoot.”

The first event was singles targets with three classes of shooters and included 19 entries. First event winners were:

* Class A: Tony Hagan, Tyler Goldade and Jeff Seher, tied at 48 of 50 targets

* Class B: Niles Mueller, 48 of 50

* Class C: Jim Heinrich, 47 of 50

Event two was a Troy system handicap with two yardage groups and included 15 entries. Winners were:

* Short yardage: Dean Rohrich and Steven Scott, tied at 41 of 50

* Long yardage: Niles Mueller, 48 of 50

Event three was doubles targets — 25 pairs — with two classes and included 11 entries. Winners were:

* Class A: Dave Greenwood, 46 of 50

* Class B: Jim Schumacher Sr. 44 of 50

All profits from the shooting were donated to the John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund.

Dardis was a longtime Jamestown trapshooter and was a team sponsor for many years. He lost a battle with cancer and passed away in September 2008 when he was 60 years old.

The John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund is supported by donations from family, friends, memorial gifts and fundraisers.

The gift fund proceeds are used to purchase non-medical items for hospice patients and their families that they would not be able to procure under normal circumstances.

The John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund is administered through the Jamestown Regional Medical Center Foundation. This fund has recently been designated as an “endowment fund,” which means it will never be discontinued, and will be available forever to provide gifts for families of hospice patients.

Any donations or memorials can be sent to the JRMC Foundation in honor of the John Dardis Hospice Gift Fund at JRMC, 2422 20th St. SW, Jamestown ND 58401.