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Ypsilanti 50+ Club holds meeting

The Ypsilanti 50+ Club met at its clubhouse on May 22 with 17 members and three guests present. Claudia Beyer joined the club. President Harriet Lien opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Ed Matthiesen and Dale Marks. DeLette Winkleman read the minutes of the last meeting. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

For old business, Nick Marks was paid for mowing the club’s lawn. The deck is still to be sealed. Charles Medeirus will check in to getting the locks all keyed alike.

It was noted that for new business, it is only necessary to mail a reminder notice to those who do not have computers.

The door prize was won by Ann Marks.

For the program, Marge Lange interviewed Velma Roeske, who had been a telephone operator in the ’50s. She shared about party lines, “rubbering” and how she was locked out of the job one evening. Her favorite position was that of “rate and route operator.”

The next meeting is Thursday with Charlie Kourajian having the program on the little towns around Stutsman County that he has photographed. Guests are always welcome.