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Montpelier OK Club holds meeting

The Montpelier OK Club met at Legacy Living Center Aug. 5, with 17 members present. President Marlys Boughton opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

DeLila Everson and Harold Ratts shared funny stories. Janet Van Bruggen spoke about being at Frontier Village last week and meeting a family of singers. When they found out Gerald Van Bruggen had an upcoming birthday they sang “Happy Birthday” to him and presented him with a cap with several candles standing up on the top. He wore it to show to the OK Club.

Marjorie Limesand’s sister, Beverly “Bev” Miller, 84, died July 5 in Portland, Ore., after a short bout with cancer. Sonia Berg sent Limesand a sympathy card from the club.

Boughton visited with member Erma Buchholz, who has been absent for some time. She lives in the same building as three other club members, so they can ride the same bus and come together to meetings.

The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were approved as read. The door prize meal ticket drawing went to Everson.

Bingo was played with Janet Van Bruggen filling in the small picture frame, Everson the large picture frame, and Van Bruggen won blackout. Whist was played with these winners: high, Lola Conley and DeLette Winkelman, and low, Lorraine Jorgenson and Mildred Wilkinson. Pinochle winners: high, Sharon Hatle-wick, and low, Berg.

Limesand furnished the afternoon dessert. The next meeting will be Aug. 19 at the Legacy Center. Guests are welcome and should use the Legacy Center’s west entrance.