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JHS drama group to present play April 14

The Jamestown High School drama troupe has been busy working on its one-act play for state competition April 7-8 in Fargo. This year directors Jay Nitschke and Pam Riederer selected another play the would challenge the students in a new way.

“Knowing the talent of the drama troupe we are constantly looking for quality selections that provide a new way to stretch their abilities and provide our audiences with an outstanding play,” Nitschke said. “We found that in the play ‘Fighting Demons’ by Angela Hill.”

Nitschke said the play was written by a North Dakota playwright Angela Hill. She was the resident choreographer for the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre and has worked choreographing everything from fashion shows to swing choirs to high school musicals to local productions to world-ranked martial arts forms. Her goal is to always provide a challenge for the students who perform her material.

In “Fighting Demons,” 10 teenagers find themselves trapped and fighting their inner demons. Cindy (played by Morgan Baumgartner) is hiding a tragic secret, Milly (Kelsey Becker), is fighting obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Cyrus (Nick Mortenson) is fighting drug addiction. Alice (Mikayla Patel) and Lilah (Emily Lauinger) are fighting bulimia and cancer, Tabitha (Libby Kruse) has an abusive boyfriend, while Arnold (Jacob Brownell) is dealing with abuse from bullies. Willow (Elise Opp) is struggling with her parents’ divorce, Jezz (Julia Breidenbach) is struggling with thoughts of suicide, and Eli (Hunter Carpenter) is trying to save everyone in a desperate attempt to redeem himself.

Trying hard to keep them down are their inner demons played by Zach Mikula, Sierra Gordon, Tyler Newton, Seok Woon Hong  and Jennifer Allmer. Add one angel-like character, Grace, Eli’s dead sister played by Christanna Eckstein, and Nitschke said you have a challenging ensemble play the allows the actors to show what caused their inner demons and gives the audience a glimpse at the struggle these demons can present when trying to overcome their hold on each character.

Also working on this production are Jonah Finocchiaro as stage manager and Bekka Nitschke and Madora Pringle, as set crew. Hannah Kapp and Elizabeth Fremgen are doing the lights while Tiffany Olsen is doing sound. Jesssica Sharp is in charge of costumes for this production.

This dramatic production will be presented 7:30 p.m. April 14 in the high school theater. The troupe is hoping a large audience will come and support its efforts and see the hope that is presented in the conclusion of the production. Prices are $6 for adults and $4 for students and children. School passes will also be honored.