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JHS speech team places third at state meet

The Jamestown High School speech team placed third in the state meet Saturday in Jamestown. John M. Steiner / The Sun

The Jamestown High School speech team placed third at the State Class A Speech Meet Saturday at JHS.

Morgan Baumgartner, Libby Kruse and Hunter Carpenter were named to the Communication Speech and Theatre Association All-State Speech Team at the state meet. Students earn the award by finishing in the top 20 percent of four different categories of speech and drama for that season.

The results for JHS students at the state meet were:

* Extemporaneous speaking: Kelsey Becker, third; and Kassi Manley, superior speaker

* Humorous Duo: Shane Chandler and Jacob Brownell, fifth; Hunter Carpenter and Jacob Sherfy, sixth; and Anavah Cole and Kalen Christensen, superior speakers

* Impromptu: Manley, second

* Persuade: Becker, third

* Poetry: Baumgartner, second; Kruse, fourth

* Radio: Jasmine Glasgow, fifth; Sierra Gordon, superior speaker

* Serious Duo: Brittney Carpenter and Mikayla Patel, sixth

* Serious Prose: Baumgartner, first; Kruse, third; and   Gordon, superior speaker

* Storytelling: Sherfy, second

JHS speakers at the State Class A Speech Meet were: Baumgartner, poetry and serious prose; Becker, speech to persuade and  extemporaneous speaking; Brownell, humorous duo and humorous interpretation; Brittney Carpenter, serious duo and dramatic speaking; Hunter Carpenter, humorous duo and speech to entertain; Chandler, humorous duo and humorous interpretation; Kalen Christensen, humorous duo; Cole, humorous duo and extemporaneous programmed reading; Glasgow, radio broadcasting and poetry; Gordon, radio broadcasting and serious prose; Kruse, serious prose and poetry; Emily Lauinger, humorous duo; Manley, impromptu speaking and extemporaneous speaking; Patel, humorous duo and serious duo; Ram Rhoad, humorous interpretation; and Sherfy, humorous duo and storytelling.

The Jamestown High School speech team placed fourth at a regional speech meet April 5 at Mandan High School.

This was the last meet of the regular season for the team. Several speakers qualified for the state meet that was held Saturday in Jamestown.

Baumgartner was named regional champion in poetry and serious prose, and Carpenter was a champion with his speech to entertain. JHS had 24 entries at the state meet.