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Hatlewick to take part in summit

Sara Hatlewick, a student at Gackle-Streeter Public School, will travel to Harvard University in Boston in July 2015 to participate in a People to People Leadership Summit. Hatlewick, along with fellow students from around the country, will take part in several leadership activities and workshops.

During the seven-day program, Hatlewick will have the opportunity to learn about effective leadership and how to develop her own leadership abilities, as well as how to apply those skills after returning home.

“I am excited to be a participant in the Harvard leadership summit as this opportunity will enhance my leadership skills that I already have gotten through 4-H, FFA and my school,” Hatlewick said. “It will better prepare me for future leadership opportunities.”

People to People Leadership Summits are held in venues around the country and provide students a chance to explore the various aspects of leadership in specific contexts. Participants also gain insights to guide their educational and professional careers and benefit from a strong focus on college admissions. Students will have the opportunity to meet with admissions officers and gain advice for navigating the college application process.

The programs offer students specialized educational leadership and cultural exposure, as well as itineraries filled with the highlights of the hosting communities.