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Civil Air Patrol searches for missing woman

Ruby Grenz

The search for a missing Jamestown woman took to the air Friday.

Four Civil Air Patrol aircraft searched a radius of about 50 or 60 miles around Jamestown without any success, according to Jamestown Police Capt. Gary Peterson.

Ruby Grenz, 78, was last seen leaving Second Avenue Salon Tuesday at about 5 p.m. Her family reported her missing that evening when she had not returned to her home. Peterson said Grenz gets confused and disoriented due to some medication she is taking.

Searches Wednesday and Thursday concentrated on the Jamestown area, Peterson said. Friday’s clear weather allowed aircraft to be utilized, and Edinger estimated about 4,000 square miles had been covered.

“They were out as far as Napoleon, N.D. and the South Dakota border in the south and west,” Peterson said. “The search went north and east quite a ways as well.”

The search was suspended early Friday evening as the sun set, said Jamestown Police Chief Scott Edinger, but should weather be cooperative the aircraft will go up again in the morning. Otherwise, the officers will resume a ground search.

Volunteers from the American Red Cross have been providing food and hydration for the approximately 50 searchers involved, and will continue their efforts tomorrow, according to a press release.

Peterson said the department has followed all leads in the case.

“We’ve followed up on different things but nothing has materialized into a lead,” he said.

Emails about Grenz have been sent to postal workers, fire departments and law enforcement throughout the region, as well as schools, so that school bus drivers, too, could potentially spot Grenz.

The Jamestown Police Department continues to ask for the public’s support in locating Grenz.

Grenz is described as 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 138 pounds, and wears glasses with brown and blue frames. She was last seen wearing a rust-colored fleece Columbia coat, a red sweater and brown pants.

She was driving a silver 2005 Dodge Caravan minivan with North Dakota license plates HNW560. Peterson said there is a Hawaiian lei hanging from the rearview mirror.

“Mostly, we’ve been looking for this car,” Edinger said. “… that’s the easiest thing to find.”

People should also keep an eye out for anything out of place, like footprints or tire tracks where they wouldn’t normally be, he added.

“The best thing people can do is just keep a lookout, and say they see that van somewhere? Let us know immediately,” Edinger said.

Anyone who may have seen Grenz or her vehicle is asked to contact the Jamestown Police Department at 252-1000.

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