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Drive safely, be patient during road construction

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has just completed the largest construction season in state history with over $878 million in projects taking place during the 2013 construction season on highways across the state.

The NDDOT is working hard to enhance roadways to accommodate the increase in traffic North Dakota has seen in recent years. Completing projects of this caliber takes effort by everyone. We have worked closely with local leaders and citizens to aggressively address infrastructure improvements.

These projects take a great deal of time and effort and require a lot of patience by motorists. We thank you for your patience and your continued efforts to safely navigate through construction projects, keeping you and construction workers safe on the roadways.

As we move into the new year, there is much more to accomplish. In 2014, we will begin another large construction season, spending approximately $800 million. All of these transportation projects are possible thanks to funding appropriated by our governor and state legislators to rebuild and repair state highways, city, county and township roads, bypass routes, bridges and other infrastructure upgrades in every region of the state.

In addition to construction we are working to provide snow and ice control on state highways this winter. Approximately 355 snow plow operators are working hard to clear the roads for motorists. Please don’t crowd the plows and remember to slow down on winter roadways.

As you are traveling to work or to visit family and friends, please drive safely. Let’s work together to help make our roads safe in 2014. Our roadways are being used by more people than ever before and we want you to reach your destination safely. Be diligent drivers and follow the rules of the road by buckling up and never drinking and driving. These rules are in place for your safety and the safety of others.

(Levi is the North Dakota Department of Transportation director.)