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Jamestown Pizza Hut fined for second alcohol violation

The Jamestown Pizza Hut was fined $500 by the Jamestown City Council Monday for violating the city’s liquor ordinance.

The violation occurred on Oct. 21, 2013, when a server at Pizza Hut provided alcohol to a minor who was with a plain-clothed police officer as part of a compliance check. It was the restaurant’s second violation in the past 24 months although the first was not punished because the server had taken a course taught by the Jamestown Police Department on complying with laws concerning serving alcohol.

Officer Tyler Logan of the Jamestown Police Department said the server asked for and was given the ID of the minor but served the alcohol anyway.

“The server asked for an ID but made a mistake,” he said.

Mark Maple, manager of Pizza Hut in Jamestown, said the server had only worked for about two weeks at the time of the incident. The restaurant has now changed its policy to require new servers who have not taken the compliance class to ask an experienced server to check identifications.

Because the previous offense was not punished, this incident was dealt with as a first offense with a $500 fine. Another offense within two years could result in a $1,000 fine while a third offense in three years could result in the loss of the restaurant’s alcohol license.

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