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Late spring influences fish reproduction in ND

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) -- Fisheries biologists who questioned how a late spring and delayed ice-off would influence fish reproduction in North Dakota finally have some answers.

Scott Gangl (GANG'-uhl) with the Game and Fish Department says biologists have been seeing good numbers of young-of-the-year yellow perch in lakes statewide. Reports also indicate good numbers of young walleye in the upper reaches of Lake Sakakawea, and fair to good numbers of perch on the east end of the lake.

Reproduction was poor for most fish in the Missouri River and Lake Oahe, which are still recovering from forage losses during 2011 flooding. However, Gangl says biologists found some shad and decent numbers of white bass in Oahe.

Biologists also are seeing good survival of walleye stocked in smaller waters, and fair numbers of young-of-the-year pike.