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Letter to the editor: ACA will give people the poorest care they ever had

There was no logical reason for our federal government to completely overhaul the health care system of our country when, as I understand, more than 80 percent of us already had insurance. And for others who really could not afford insurance there surely should have been a less drastic way other than the Affordable Care Act, which is not at all affordable because thousands of taxpayer dollars were wasted on getting the system started, and on top of that, hundreds more Internal Revenue Service personnel will be hired. So it just goes on and on, and taxes will be getting higher and higher.

The new care act was just another way for our government to strip away more of our freedom.

I believe President Barack Obama intended for our country to have socialized medicine because he made a remark on TV in which he said while discussing health care, “Canada didn’t get it all at once either.” In Canada, just the province of Saskatchewan had government health care and then the law was passed for the whole country. Many Canadians would like to have that law repealed but laws are not easy to reverse.

We had the best health care system in the world. That’s why so many Canadians and people from all parts of the world have been coming to the Mayo Clinic and other facilities here.

When a government is in charge of health care it will be the ones that make decisions as what, if and when certain procedures are carried out. The only freedom we will have is to go to a clinic without an appointment and sit and wait our turn to see a doctor — not our doctor — and sometimes the wait can be many hours. And should an MRI be ordered the wait for your turn could be up to a year. Some people die waiting their turn. That’s what happened to my son-in-law’s brother. By the time his long wait was over his cancer was so advanced he had no chance for survival.

I think there will be rationing in our country.

This costly big government health care mess is only going to give us the poorest care we ever had.

The only ones that will still get good and very good care will be the president, his family and the elite that signed the Affordable Care Act.

(Suko is a former Jamestown resident)