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Letter to the editor; Amendment will help N.D. stay the special place it is

North Dakota is in the midst of an unprecedented oil boom. If you believe what the North Dakota Industrial Commission is saying about production levels lasting through the next five generations, then our state is going to have a consistent flow of revenue for a long time.

 I do believe these numbers and fully support the jobs and economic growth this industry provides for our state. Who wouldn’t? However, I also believe in making an investment in our state’s conservation future too. Because of this, I am strongly supporting the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment.

We have a unique and rare opportunity to use a very small sliver of our state’s already existing oil and gas extraction tax money to make a real difference for our landscapes and wildlife through targeted projects. This will not only benefit North Dakotans now, but also future generations.

No matter how good the times are now, they will eventually end, even if it is for our grandchildren’s children. Before the good times end, let’s make sure we’re making a wise investment to make sure North Dakota stays the special place we know and love.