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Letter to the editor: Churches do a lot of good with the funds they receive

In response to Lloyd Omdahl’s column, “Churches not ready for loving one another,” I don’t know what church Omdahl goes to, but all of the churches I have attended in my life have done a lot for the poor, locally and abroad. Apparently government is not doing an adequate job because we still have hunger, homelessness and poverty even after spending trillions of dollars. Most churches that I am aware of collect for or contribute to food pantries, provide emergency funds for travelers and even provide shelter on an emergency basis.

I have served on several church boards, and I do not recall anyone ever talking about who came to the church food pantry or who asked for help. I am not so naive as to believe that it is never talked about or joked about, but in my experience it was not an issue.

I agree that church giving is sometimes lacking but most churches do a lot of good with the funds they receive. If government was as efficient and diligent with our tax money there would be much less poverty. The list of government waste, fraud and corruption is so long now that it cannot be brought under control. The only option left is to starve the beast that we have created. That would leave a lot more money in our pockets, some of which would find its way to churches and the many other charities that help the poor, handicapped, homeless, sick and so on. All of whom do a much better job of providing necessary services to those who need them than our bloated wasteful government bureaucracies.

Omdahl’s last statement about having a food drive once a year seems almost tongue in cheek — maybe the whole article is — because he surely has to be aware that many food drives are held many times a year by churches and other public and private groups. I have to respectfully disagree with Omdahl’s brother No. 7 that churches will not step up. Most of them already do, along with organizations like the Red Cross, Salvation Army and many others. These churches and charities are well-established in our communities and are able to provide much quicker and more efficient responses to emergencies, even in other parts of the world.