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Letter to the editor: Citizens need a government that is good for all people

I would like to address two concerns. First, the so called “entitlements,” and second, the allegation that President Barack Obama is using executive orders to undermine U.S. citizens or that he is overusing that ability.

First: Young people are not supporting elderly medical care by getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Older people are under Medicare, which they paid into during their working lives. Combined Social Security and Medicare deductions are more than the deduction from pay for income tax. It is a separate deduction — (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). This is paid for by workers and their employers. Who “should” be entitled to the benefits from these deductions? Should it be Congress? Should it be anyone other than those who paid in for 30, 40 or 50 or more years.

Remember that even lower-paid workers probably paid in $50 to $100 each payday or each month even if they worked part time in many cases. These sums with interest and multiplied by millions of employees is a lot of money. What would our Congress do with the money and would the citizens even have a say in the decision?

The ACA is for younger people who have more difficulty getting insurance not through the workplace. It is for young families just beginning and children, who until ACA, were denied coverage under pre-existing conditions. Also, young people can be kept on their parents’ insurance until age 26, which was not possible before for students and some others.

Second: Obama is amongst three other presidents whom have issued the lowest amount of executive orders (this after the laws changed to allow only two terms). President George H.W. Bush was lowest, but that was during one term, so factoring in the years, Obama is probably the lowest.

I do not trust deceivers or those who speak badly of our government. Government is not the problem. No order devised by humankind is perfect. Our government is, however, very, very good, and responsible officials seek to correct any problems where they need to so that government here can work for the good of all the people in safety, basic medical need education and wage fairness. This is what citizens expect.