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Letter to the editor: Compromise needed on fireworks ordinance

There are two sides on the hot topic of fireworks in our town. There are those who love the fireworks and wish the fireworks ordinance to continue as it is, and there are those who feel the noise is disruptive for those who have to work — or have pets that have anxiety because of the loud noise — and want them banned completely.

I do not feel this needs to be an all-or-nothing issue. There is something quite beautiful about a community coming together and compromising — each side giving up just a little — so that we can live together in a peaceful community. Fireworks are a wonderful way to show our nation’s pride and celebrate those who have served our country so we can be free. My own family enjoys discharging fireworks every Fourth of July, and we look forward to watching the display at the Jamestown Speedway.

However, nine days is a lot of noise for a very excessive amount of time for our city’s workforce, and I feel a compromise is needed for both sides. A compromise is another way to show our national pride. The Great Compromise of 1787 was a pivotal turning point in our nation’s history as two different sides came together in order to come up with a plan that small and large states could be happy with. Our country’s Founding Fathers knew the value of a compromise. Our community can come together in a similar way and compromise on this issue by shortening the time frame fireworks are used down to three days — July 3-5 — instead of nine and have serious consequences given to those who choose to break the ordinance by continuing to shoot fireworks after the appropriate time frame.

I hope the Jamestown City Council will agree with me that every citizen’s voice is important in Jamestown, not just the ones council members may agree with. If this issue is important to you, come to the Jamestown Finance and Legal Committee meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall. I am confident that our town can come together and show respect to both sides in a spirit of compromise so we can resolve this issue. Do you have another view altogether? Your voice is important too.

If you can’t come to the meeting, contact the mayor and City Council members and have your voice heard. Every voice in Jamestown matters.