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Letter to the editor: The Finns in the area have disappeared

I have to write to Lloyd Omdahl to say how much I love his article, “Why N.D. Finns loved the Olympics,” in the March 24 issue of The Jamestown Sun.

I am 100 percent Finn, and both of my parents were born in America. My grandparents came from Finland and homesteaded in the Gackle area. I married a man who is 100 percent Finn; we were married almost 62 years. After he died in 2006, I moved to Jamestown.

The Finns have disappeared. I did meet one in church in Jamestown. Growing up there were so many Finns, and we had lots of fun. I had five brothers who played baseball. Our name was Miskanen; they were known throughout the state.

I also watched the Olympics and cheered on the U.S. and Finland. I also cheer greatly when Russia gets beat. President Vladimir Putin is something else. Why do we have such evil men?