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Letter to the editor: Give Andersen, Gumke a chance to continue work

We have been watching, reading and listening to information pertaining to the upcoming election. It seems to us that Mayor Katie Andersen and Ramone Gumke should be given a chance by the voters to continue on with the fine job they are doing for Jamestown.

There has been an enormous amount of controversy over many projects before the City Council that we try to follow on TV and we do appreciate that coverage. It also seems that Ken Dalsted does well as city attorney, but he seldom gets a chance to express an opinion since we now have a local lawyer as a council member who prefers to have the last word on most everything. It would serve us all well if the legal jargon was handled at the courthouse and local government was taken care of at City Hall.

Would it ever be beneficial to have a two-year term for council members, giving them the possibility of a four-year total if they choose to run against another candidate in two years and win that election? We believe this would give younger people more interest in city government and also a chance to address issues that will face them in the future. Dragging back things that may have been important 50 to 60 years ago is useless today. We need some young, intuitive and energetic council members to direct what the future of Jamestown could and should be. Change needs to start with those in charge.

In ending, we encourage all voters to carefully consider personal and business ethics and virtues such as honesty, reliability and personal character of each candidate before they cast their votes.  These things are sometimes not thought about until the race is over.