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Letter to the editor: The government can’t fix everything for everybody

Sorry western North Dakota, uncle sugar is not capable of fixing everything for you!

Another letter from someone out west who seems to think the state Legislature in Bismarck can wave a magic wand and solve all of their energy development problems? Not only do they expect better roads and traffic control, but apparently, they should have control over the weather  so there is no ice or maybe have enough trucks to sand every stretch of road in the state within minutes? But thank God for those Democrats who proposed a special session which would leave the state with at least a quarter of a million dollars less to spend on exactly the things they are asking for. That should be a big help, right?

While everyone is aware by now that a lot of money is being spent and will have to be appropriated in the future for western North Dakota energy development, it should also be apparent that only so much can be done at a time. Everyone who lives out there is going to have to be patient and put up with a lot of inconvenience no matter what. To attempt to use this as a political football sounds a little like our present regime in Washington who has said “never let a crisis go to waste!”

Also, in The Sun on Thursday was a letter from a representative of the AFL/CIO in North Dakota complaining that Washington has not extended unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. Do we all depend upon government to fulfill our dreams? I hope not! The sad truth of the matter is that if you pay people not to work, guess what, they are not going to work. That applies to all government handouts, not just unemployment. Able-bodied people who are capable of supporting themselves should not be dependent on anyone except themselves. It is not true that the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives has not passed any jobs bills. Look it up, they have passed many of them, only to watch them die in the Democrat-controlled Senate, which refuses to act on anything that may help the country get back on track and create jobs for people who desperately need them.

With millions of jobs lost under the Democrat Party, who has controlled most of Washington since 2006, and Obamacare threatening our health care, it is past time for trying something else.