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Letter to the editor: House has failed to get its priorities straight

The House Committee on Ways and Means issued a release showing the number of people who lost emergency unemployment benefits has grown to 2 million including 2,377 North Dakotans this week.

Congress has failed to renew this important benefit but there is hope that the U.S. Senate may take up legislation again in the next few weeks. Estimates show that failure to extend unemployment benefits will cost the U.S. economy 240,000 jobs this year. Meanwhile, House Republicans are poised to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the 50th time later this week. During the same time period there has been zero votes on bills to create jobs from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Let’s hope the Senate can get its priorities straight even though the House has failed to do so.

(Ricker is president of the North Dakota AFL-CIO, the state federation of labor.)