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Jamestown power outage affects 3,000 customers

Letter to the editor: Kudos to the gentlemen who helped get vehicle unstuck

I was driving down my street trying to get home on April 1 — the date of the most recent snowstorm in Jamestown. I was only four houses away. I had my 3-year-old and 6-year-old granddaughters in my van with me. I had picked my 6-year-old up from school because she was not feeling well.

As I was trying to turn around I got stuck. One nice, young gentleman in a gold Dodge Durango stopped to help me. Then Austin Hatlewick pulled over and the two of them tried to push me out to no avail. The unnamed man was covered in snow from the wheels throwing it up, and I felt so sorry for him. Then Matt Wanzek pulled over with his four-wheel drive truck and a chain. It took the three of them to get my van out. During this time, my granddaughter was holding a bag in case she became sick.

I want to give Hatlewick, Wanzek and the first gentleman a very big thank you. They did not have to stop and do what they did for us that day. We truly do have certain “angels” living in Jamestown, and I am very glad mine were out looking out for us that day. Again, thank you!