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Jamestown power outage affects 3,000 customers

Letter to the editor: Leave the atmosphere alone for a time to test theory

I read with interest the in-depth article in March 17 Agweek about the proposed diversion around Fargo where the powers that be are so in favor of destroying numerous acres of farmland — some very high quality certified organic land at that  — under the guise of protecting some 200,000 people.

We have billions of dollars of sports whatever to see who is the best at some sport. To ultimately prove it by all the high-tech cameras, etcetera. The powers that be and all preachers totally ignore the fact that breaking the sound barrier to put some satellite or more astronauts to man the space station in orbit around the earth could possibly disturb the weather.

The meteor that hit Russia on Feb. 15, 2013, caused all kinds of problems on earth, just because it broke the sound barrier — law of the earth. I just cannot see why we can’t leave the atmosphere alone, for say, five years and prove beyond a preponderance of a doubt if rocketry is the culprit and not the masses creating too much carbon. The mayor stated that, “We’ll do whatever we have to.” Maybe we could try the cost-effective way and just leave the atmosphere alone?

The Bible tell us “When all else fails, go back to the tried and proven ways.” Space has proven nothing when we can do everything that satellites do with just simple antennas, without causing erratic weather and the need for high-priced diversion projects.