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Letter to the editor: Males should do their part to reduce unintended births

Men, for hundreds or even thousands of years, have had the ability to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. The most effective means is abstinence, which is also the least costly, but it was not the only means.

How many men can honestly say they have never participated in an unwed sexual act or never done so without at least trying to protect themselves and/or their partner? It takes two people to make a baby and barely post-pubescent girls should not have to carry the total responsibility.

Even today, with the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, men are known worldwide to avoid protection and to endanger their wives and/or partners.

Of course, no artificial protection is 100 percent reliable, but any means of protection is better than none. The choice to be sexually active is a choice for both people, not just for one.

All men are not guilt-free in cases of unintended pregnancy or abortion. Sometimes it is the male partner who advocates for abortion for his own reasons, and sometimes he does this very aggressively. Where there is an unwed birth there is an unwed father as well as an unwed mother.

So men, you can do your part to reduce unintended birth or abortion. If you did your part there would be fewer abortions or unwed births and abortion clinics would not have sufficient business to survive. Support for unwed births would be small and at least partially supported by both parents. Only when this is done will a man’s opposition to abortion or unintended birth make any sense.