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Letter to the editor: Many seniors continue to pay into the system

Recently I read in the “letters to the editor” section of the newspaper that the possibility exists that someone may live longer than his/her contributions to Social Security provide. This is true. It is possible. However, there are also many workers who do not live long enough to receive Social Security benefits or who do not live long enough to receive all according to their contributions. This also goes into the Social Security fund and I, for one, do not fault anyone for living to a “ripe old age.”

It is still true that the beneficiaries are “entitled” to the benefits of the program and yes, even for benefits should they become disabled. Also, we should inform the young that Medicare is paid into for Part B benefits and that Social Security recipients pay $104 per month for this coverage. Even in this circumstance the beneficiaries are advised as to when they may visit their caregiver … as I have been advised. So Medicare is paid for separately while working and also continues to be paid for by older Americans for the Part B benefits after receiving Social Security.

In addition to this many American seniors continue to work full time or part time past 70 years of age. Social Security is part of their retirement, of course. It is not and was never intended as the entire retirement. So remember, there are a lot of seniors who are still paying into the system.