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Letter to the editor: May 19 issue of The Sun full of worthwhile information

As a regular reader of The Sun I expect Monday editions to be slight, a quick read. No offense intended, that’s the nature of a weekly news cycle!

The May 19 issue was an exception. It was full of worthwhile information. If you still have your copy, check it out. Some of the things I found interesting:

* The good folks of Kulm voted overwhelmingly to support a $5.5-million school renovation.

* The two Jamestown City Council candidates rehashed familiar views on what to expect of them if elected. I was left wondering if there might be a creative thinker with leadership potential in the city who would be a write-in candidate.

Usually, long Fargo-based stories dominate the Monday Sun. I’m glad I read the story on former Fargo Mayor Jon Lindgren. He and his wife are relocating to Iowa. The headline termed him a “Man of controversy” and the story explained why. It recalled many of his positions as mayor that earned him that prophetic accolade. On many issues that confronted American culture he took progressive positions. He affected the life and culture of his city on non-provincial issues. He’s credited with single-handedly promoting Fargo’s downtown, keeping alive the city’s heart. Mayor Lindgren was described as a fiscal conservative who was compassionate and consistent. (If you have the card our current mayor sent with the Sun recently, compare Katie Andersen’s list of accom- plishments she thinks merit a second term.)

There’s one more item from the May 19 Sun. I urge you to read Councilman Dan Buchanan’s “Letter to the Editor.”

If you don’t have the paper, go to the library. You’ll understand why I’m sorry he’s decided not to seek a second term. Buchanan explains the city is borrowing $2.8 million to buy land to sell to Menards for $10! Two plots will be given to the promoters as part of their fee for their services in the Menards affair. Menards will advance money to pay for infrastructure development at the store site. It will be reimbursed over the next 25 years from city sales tax revenue until its advance has been repaid. Briefly, what Buchanan explains fully is that Menards will wind up with a store in Jamestown that cost them $10!

Lloyd Omdahl’s very worthwhile column deals with gun laws in our state. As I said, it was an exceptional Monday issue. The entire back page is an attractive, full-color ad, which urges readers to “Find the Good Life in North Dakota.”

We know that, of course. But we also know that having the good life means we have to vote with our eyes and our minds wide open.