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Letter to the editor: More mosquito spraying should be done in Jamestown

As a Jamestown resident who pays $1 per month on my water bill, as most homeowners do, for mosquito control I am wondering what is being done about this problem. Whenever I  go out in my yard, day or night, the mosquitoes are swarming.

How many cases of West Nile do we need in Stutsman County before this issue is not taken lightly? Spraying one time this year, so far, is absolutely ridiculous. When they do spray it is done in front of house and not the alleys. Why isn’t this done at least weekly or more as needed, in view of all the rain that we have had, both in front by the street and the alleys?

Recently I was in Devils Lake and was surprised to see the mosquito spraying being done twice in the four days that I visited.

With the monies collected every month, I would think even an aerial spray could be considered, as the past few years’ monies must have been left over, as spraying certainly wasn’t forthcoming. We as homeowners must spray our own yards just to control mosquitos.