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Letter to the editor: N.D.’s checks and balances system doesn’t work

Where are all the good people? There must be good, honest people who will sit on a citizen legislature and make good decisions based on what’s good for the state and not serving their own interests.

I’m fed up with legislators who encourage more and more oil activity because that’s the origin of the family money; legislators who influence the tax code in a manner that will positively impact their businesses and determine which corporations get a tax credit; business owners who serve on the Industry, Business and Labor Committee so they can manipulate regulations that determine employee safety, consumer spending and increase their profit; and legislators who are supposed to be public servants but are there to vote on appropriations for their own jobs or for family members.

And why does the attorney general have to protect us from a North Dakota Industrial Commission employee? This is not the way government is supposed to work. This is not even the way we pretend that it does work. It’s obvious that our checks and balances aren’t working. There’s a lot that’s not working.