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Letter to the editor: Only solution to property tax dilemma is to abolish it

Well, well, well! It looks like the chickens have finally come home to roost. I’m referring to a recent news article stating that the North Dakota Farm Bureau has scrapped its plan to propose an initiated measure to reform property taxes.

I was a delegate to the annual NDFB meeting that was held in Bismarck last November where they voted to pursue that initiative. Myself and a few others tried to tell the group that this plan was really nothing more than an unworkable Band-Aid for a broken arm, but the majority of delegates were so intoxicated with political correctness they voted overwhelmingly to pursue it.

But in visiting with a person from the state NDFB, I think they now apparently realize what Empower The Taxpayer and several others came to realize a long time ago; that the property tax system is convoluted, corrupt, unworkable and unfixable. But I doubt that they would be politically incorrect enough to admit it. Instead they say that the Legislature should fix it.

They appear to have a very short memory. All of the bills introduced to reform property taxes in the last legislative session were defeated soundly as well as in previous sessions.

Remember, NDFB was part of the special-interest coalition that opposed Measure 2.

The only solution to the property tax dilemma is to abolish it. NDFB just proved it. We don’t need it! There is plenty of money to replace it, even without the oil boom. Let us now get to work and do another Measure 2. Remember three key words: abolish, abolish, abolish! And this time we can pull it off. And then elect more responsible legislators who will quit trying to grow bigger and bigger government, rather instead prioritize basic needs ahead of special-interest waste (higher ed a prime example).

By the way, I think I will vote to re-elect Doug Goehring for agriculture commissioner. How about you?