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Letter to the editor: Parks provide place to play, experience outdoors

As a proud advocate of North Dakota’s natural resources and an alumnus of North Dakota State University, I feel that I must add my voice to the discussion of the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment. North Dakota’s park system has so much to offer, and right now we have a rare chance to invest in them further.

Parks provide a place to play, learn and experience the outdoors. The CWWP amendment will ensure those opportunities will continue to be available to all of us in the wonderful state of North Dakota by allowing for a voluntary granting process from a 5 percent investment from oil and gas tax revenue.

Not only will the CWWP amendment potentially fund the upkeep of current parks, but we could also designate some of our existing state lands as our first new state parks in 30 years. It is important we act now and pass this measure while we have the potential to do so.