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Letter to the editor: Passing Measure 1 will limit options for North Dakotans

I have been residing in North Dakota for 38 years, and the thought of Measure 1 passing is very concerning to me. I believe this measure will in fact hinder the ability for North Dakotans to make some very difficult and personal decisions due to its wording being so vague. My husband, James, who is a proud 17-year survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and I needed to turn to fertility specialists to start our family. With the help of modern science and very caring medical professionals, we were able to have two wonderful children who mean the world to us. We consider ourselves very blessed to have a happy and healthy family.

When we heard about Measure 1, which some say is “pro-life,” we had to stop and ask ourselves what this change in the constitution might mean for people who find they are in the same situation. With medical professionals helping families like us, having vague and far-reaching language in the constitution like “life at any stage” will ultimately affect the practice of in vitro fertilization in a negative way and will limit the options for the citizens of North Dakota.

This measure will cause an increase in physical, emotional and financial distress for many wonderful people who desperately want to have children.

I urge everyone to stop and think about how Measure 1 might affect medical treatments such as in vitro fertilization prior to voting. Is it really “pro-life” if it ultimately limits the ability for people to start a family?

I know I will vote “no” because North Dakotans deserve to keep a constitution that is clear and nonintrusive.