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Letter to the editor: People of Jamestown are great hosts for KiteFest

On behalf of 180 Go!, I want to send a big “thank you” to Jamestown for supporting the Jamestown Kite Festival (KiteFest). It’s a great festival, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the event, in part because the people of Jamestown are really great hosts. We also had a terrific time visiting the World’s Largest Buffalo, Frontier Village, the Stutsman Harley-Davidson store and several local restaurants.

We’d also like to thank Jamestown Parks and Recreation, the Quality Inn & Suites for hosting us and all of the organizers and sponsors of the event.

We really appreciate the opportunity to come to North Dakota and fly kites in Jamestown. Everyone’s hard work to put on the event makes it possible for us to have fun flying kites, and we hope the people attending enjoyed watching and flying their kites as much as we did flying ours. We look forward to next year!

(Anderson is a member of the 189Go! kite team)