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Letter to the editor: People who work shouldn’t have to put up with noise of fireworks

In response to the City Council decision to maintain the status quo with regard to fireworks, and numerous letters to the editor on the subject, I wonder where working people fit into this discussion.

Some people wrap themselves in the American flag and preach about the Founding Fathers, patriotism and their version of “freedom” which is basically: “I demand my way no matter how it affects anyone else.” If they can’t shoot off fireworks all hours of the night for nine days, then their “freedoms” are under attack. Well, what about my “freedom” to sleep on work nights? I have no problem with fireworks on the weekends or the Fourth of July holiday, but when I have been kept awake every night for almost a week because of fireworks but still have to work every one of those days, I have absolutely no concern for the “freedoms” of those who kept me awake.

During the City Council meeting on this issue, Mayor Katie Andersen came across as completely aloof and out of touch. She claimed the current ordinance is just fine, and it only affects 3 percent of the year. I wonder what my employer would think if I said I won’t get much work done the week of the Fourth of July because of a lack of sleep and justify it by saying, “It’s only 3 percent of the year.”

Another problem is the midnight weeknight curfew — which is enforced very little if at all — is way too late. With that being the case, I think fireworks should be limited to three to four days around the Fourth of July with an 11 p.m. curfew on weeknights and midnight on July 4-5. Then whether or not the time curfew is enforced, at least it will give people a better chance to sleep most of the work nights.

There is no reason why people who work for a living should have to put up with fireworks noise on weeknights. We are the ones who keep this community and country going, and the least people can do is allow us to sleep at night, so we can work the following day.