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Letter to the editor: Politicians need to make a stand for what is right

Between you and I, Democratic candidate for U.S. House George Sinner and voters in Richland, southern Cass County and many statewide, I have a little story for you. Many others like my family had grandparents who homesteaded this land in the 1800s.

They plowed the land with horse teams.  Our grandpa summered the horses in what we still call Jericho — a low, swampy 80-acre parcel that was only good for grazing — and we still think he had it right.  They worked hard through the Dirty Thirties to hold onto their land, without bank loans.

They knew what to do to live and prosper with what they were given. They put their children and grandchildren through college, and we and all North Dakotans are better off due to their hard work and good sense.

Now we are faced with the loss of the results of these good decisions. We are unable to understand the rationale of the party and some candidates to stay silent in the face of the threat to the work of our ancestors. 

What is at stake is not a fundamental ideological issue.  This is the fight to be around to make the other fights. The choice is simple — do these politicians take a stand with the people who made North Dakota what it is or stand by and see it flooded for the gain of developers to make a fast buck.  If politicians stand for what is right, we will stand with them; if not, we don’t.