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Letter to the editor: Pope’s message is to care for the poor, change mindsets

Pope Francis has a message that is so urgent that every serious Catholic politician should be preaching it from the housetops. And preachers should be reinforcing it from the pulpit.

In his encyclical “The Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis’ every sentence — if it were lived — would have the power to change the world from violence to peace. In paragraph 206 of the encyclical, Pope Francis says, “Economy, as the very word indicates, should be the art of achieving a fitting management of our common home, which is the world as a whole.” Every member of a healthy family will allow access to every room in the family’s house.

How is it that we want to limit immigrants’ access only to their own poor rooms in this world home? In a healthy family, every member wants every other member to achieve his or her potential. How is it that we want to limit just wages only to “professional” workers? Pope Francis doesn’t talk about minimum wage. He talks about “just” wages. Pope Francis has said in many instances that we need to change our cultural mindsets. The mindset that keeps the world in turmoil is because we don’t care for the poor.