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Letter to the editor: Raise age of retirement to save Social Security

About every week my mail brings an appeal of an organization whose business it is to save Social Security. Sometimes a letter to the editor is about Social Security. The writer may wonder how much monthly payments will be for him or her. Some even demand that payments be kept up. They figured that a promise should be kept.

One item missing is the knowledge of how medical science has increased since 1935 when Social Security began operating. There were no organ transplants then, no heart pacemakers then and no cancer survivors. Nutritional knowledge has vastly increased. Fruits and vegetables have become a bigger part of the diet.

Smoking is no longer in fashion. Fewer people have taken up smoking since then, and there are many cancer survivors who are alive and drawing Social Security payments. All of this has raised the average age of life expectancy — now in the late 70s. Living longer is considered a good thing, which means that Social Security is suffering from so much of a good thing.

One solution is to raise retirement age. The mathematics do not support age 65 for retirement. I am in my 32nd year of retirement, and I am 21 years past my life expectancy with no indications that my end is near. Even if the price level was the same now as it was in 1935, I would still have taken more out than I put in.

One thing that would help the resources of Social Security is to bring back jobs that are done overseas. One million people working even at minimum wage would bring in over $20 million a week. Low-priced goods are no bargain for the country. What this country needs is for all people to look beyond the price tag. Low prices are a deadly allure.