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Letter to the editor: U.S. should be prepared for another ‘cold war’

The world is going down the tubes, and the U.S. shouldn’t be caught with its pants down. I am referring to numerous crises in the world that are happening nowadays, specifically what is happening in the Ukraine.

What Russia is doing goes against every international law that is set up to keep the peace. Vladimir Putin, in his communist way of thinking, is doing what Adolf Hitler did when he took over Austria and the Czech republic when he used the excuse that he was protecting German-speaking citizens from being harassed, and look what happened to the world back then. Millions of people perished. Of course, that may not happen again.

I said it a long time ago that the Russians can’t be trusted. As a matter of fact, Putin is an ex-KGB official. He wants to restart the way Russia was, and that is by having conflicts with the West, primarily with the U.S. This nation cannot afford to be militarily weak by cutting our troop strength to pre-World War II levels. It was either today or yesterday a Russian official threatened the U.S. to be reduced to radioactive ashes. This threat should not be tolerated by this nation.

President Barack Obama should take precautionary measures not only by leveling sanctions but do away with plans to cut the military, open the Keystone oil pipeline, set up an anti-missile defense system in Poland and the Czech republic, stop the planned cuts in our nuclear arsenal, admit the Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. Hurt Russia where it counts, in the pocketbook, and make the ruble less valuable, and we should give defensive weapons to Ukraine.

We should try every diplomatic means, of course, but we and the West should be prepared for another “cold war.” This country should not be seen as weak to our enemies and not reliable to our allies. Gen. Curtis Lemay, who was the head of Strategic Air Command, coined the phrase “peace through strength.” This nation, from what I gathered, is sick of war and that is understandable, but this nation should be on guard for anything. Also, I want to mention that Russia wants the U.S. to fall. Putin is a classic example of a Hitler and Joseph Stalin wannabe. It is up to this nation and the West to keep this person in check. Also, Russia is the biggest exporter of weapons to countries that do harm to their own people like Syria and to countries that are against our nation and to our allies like Israel. A leopard can’t change its spots and that goes for Russia and for China which has global desires.