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Letter to the editor - Voters should vote ‘no’ to Measure 1 on June 10

Measure 1 is an initiated measure of utmost importance that will be voted on in the June 10 primary election.

This measure is a proposed constitutional amendment placed directly on the ballot by the 2013 North Dakota Legislature. This amendment pertains to the initiative and referral process in North Dakota.

This measure, if approved by voters, would extend the time period — from 90 to 120 days — for the secretary of state to verify the signatures to place any initiated measure onto the ballot before an election.

This is totally unnecessary. The current 90-day period for verification to place any measure on the ballot is plenty adequate.

North Dakota is one of 23 states in the Union that have the initiative and referral process. The framers of the constitution of these states saw the need to have another recourse when those who are elected turn a deaf ear to the people they are supposed to represent.

Sadly, the initiative and referral process in all 23 states that have it has come under attack by those whom the people have elected to represent them. They want to eliminate accountability and distance themselves from the people who elected them. Both parties are to blame. In North Dakota it’s the RINO (Republicans in Name Only) Republicans that want the voters to approve this amendment.

This is the real purpose of Measure 1. The real idea is to place so many restrictions on the initiative and referral process to render it impossible to use or do away with it completely.

Be sure to vote “no” on Measure 1 on June 10. Don’t give up your right to hold elected officials accountable.