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Letter to the editor: Water tower design should be used as marketing tool

The City Council will make the final decision at its regular meeting on Monday about how to paint the new water tower in southwest Jamestown. This tower is visible from all directions when driving into town and has the potential to provide a statement about our community. If the decision is to go with the least expensive option, the tower will be white with a simple label of “Jamestown.” It will disappear against the skyline. If the decision is to paint the tower in such a way that it catches the eye of the casual traveler and says, “This is a thriving community that has things to offer you,” then the tower suddenly has the potential to cause people to stop here when they might not have otherwise made that choice. It could become an advertisement for the spirit of the community.

Painting the tower with multiple colors in a unique design is, of course, the more expensive option. However, consider that new tax dollars generated from a larger transient (i.e., tourist) population could easily make up the difference in cost multiple times over. Other communities have used this type of opportunity very successfully. Why not Jamestown? 

We can make sure that the decision made next Monday is one that can contribute to the generation of additional tax dollars, or we can remain silent and lose this opportunity.

Email or call the City Council members this week to encourage them to make a decision that has the potential to grow our businesses and increase tax income to the city. The phone numbers and email addresses are published on this page of the paper.

Let’s not miss this opportunity!