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Judge: Evidence in pot bust inadmissible

Letter to the editor: What Jamestown needs is a variety of stores

It would be nice to have a department store for everyone to shop at in Jamestown. We did have Kmart and Pamida, years ago had Payless Shoesource, Tempo, Fashion City, Hallmark and White Drug.

I’m sure everyone misses that big store of White’s now that they have downsized to a smaller store. A town of this size needs a variety of stores, like we had years ago, for the people to stay here and shop. There’s not much here to choose from.

I can see a need for a music store for young and old. Costco has a big selection from soup to nuts and is a great store for the community and around the area. Everyone likes chicken. How about a KFC store? Michaels Stores has all sorts of things for everyone. Everyone likes to go shopping. Younger adults like to shoot pool with their friends (underage).