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Letter to the editor: World War II veteran deserves an apology

I was appalled and outraged when I read Wednesday’s story, “WWII vet among those who didn’t get to vote,” in The Jamestown Sun regarding the 95-year-old man being denied the right to vote because his driver’s license had expired.

Ernest Hubacker regularly attends Grace Episcopal Church, most days walking the entire way using a walker from the Post House to our church. He is 98 years old (not 95 as the article indicates), a World War II veteran and has a sharp mind, not only about events of the day, but recalling many of his interesting experiences over his long lifetime. It seems to me that a 98-year-old World War II veteran, still patriotic enough to vote, should not be rejected for any reason, much less an expired driver’s license.

If he presented the expired license, the information on it should certainly meet the requirements. At the very least, I think Hubacker deserves an apology for this shabby and outrageous treatment.