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Letter to the edittor: Electing officials is a voter’s choice

For many years schoolchildren were taught that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Perhaps that admonition is still being taught. I believe it was accredited to Civil War years, or perhaps before.

This letter, however, is not to remember quotations from the Civil War. It is to remind us that as voters we should seriously take into consideration those representatives who rely upon fear and hatred. Those who condemn “the federal government” for all the nation’s difficulties do nothing to aid America in the world. There is no single quick fix to our problems.

The president, whether currently in the White House or later installed, is not the whole government. The president does his or her best to serve the nation and its citizens in a single capacity.

It is our legislative bodies that fund various programs that are expected to be of benefit to our citizens and nation. When the federal government gives money to states they do not determine how the money is to be allotted or which roads or programs will receive specific sums. That is the decision of the states that receives help. That help is expected to be used responsibly.

Celebrity status for political persons and excessive lobbying for favor is not new, but it is more pronounced in recent years. When political speeches contain hatred for persons in government or the government itself perhaps we should be very careful of whom we vote for in elections. Do we wish to abolish programs designed to help the American people? Do we wish to abolish programs for children? Or do we hope to lessen the influence of lobbyists and contributors who want special favors that would defund the programs to more needy children? It is a voter’s choice.