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North Dakotans need action on various issues

Here we go again!

Republicans are telling us, “Why would you change something when it has proven time and time again that it works?” They’ve obviously not read their news releases.

The tax commissioner is only two years too late to the property tax debate.

The ag commissioner’s discovery that landowners have real concerns about real damage and real loss of their property is five years too late.

The Public Service Commission’s concern that farmers can’t get their products on the rails is only three years late.

And the attorney general’s concern about drug use and crime would be a lot more believable if Sens. John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp didn’t have to step in and put federal agents in western North Dakota.

Then there’s the concern of legislators on our lack of infrastructure to keep up with development. That one is just laughable.

Every two years Republicans have a “Road to Damascus” moment. They discover all the issues they’ve failed to fix in previous sessions. Republicans have had total control of state government, and they should have no excuses. North Dakotans need action, not talking points.