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Opinion Corner: Our picks for Super Bowl XLVI

Nothing says excess more than the Super Bowl.

Whether it's pigging out on chicken wings -- an estimated 90 million pounds will be pounded down Sunday. Guzzling beer -- 325.5 million gallons will be chugged. How much a 30-second ad costs? A whopping $3.5 million is the price now, or how many Associated Press writers will cover the game? It was 12 at last count. There's a 'how many sportswriters does it take to cover the Super Bowl,' joke in there somewhere, but I'll leave that one alone, we need that AP copy after all -- it seems like the game is almost secondary these days.

But not to us.

This is the last football game in about seven months, that's a lot of Twins losses between now and September, so we plan to enjoy this one while it lasts.

By unofficial rule, we're also required to make a pick, and so we will.

Las Vegas has the Patriots as a 2.5 point favorite, which seems about right, with an over/under of 55.

When you compare the rosters, the Giants are the better team from top to bottom, but the Patriots have the best player (Tom Brady). What that means exactly, who knows?

I'm amazed by how many people are willing to lay money on NFL games. Not just small bills either, I'm talking the rent.

We'll steer clear of any monetary obligations and just venture our best guesses.

And in the spirit of the Super Bowl, we're going big with our panel -- eight in fact -- and we'll all be watching the game, not tracking the cutest commercials.

r Dave Selvig, Sun Sports Editor: Giants 31, Patriots 27.

r Michael Savaloja, Sun Sports Writer: Patriots 34, Giants 28.

r David Griswold, Sun Sports Writer: Patriots 27, Giants 21.

r Ben Rodgers, Sun News Writer: Giants 28, Patriots 23.

r Scott Throlson, Former Sun Sports Editor: Giants 35, Patriots 31.

r Rob Keller, Sun Advertising Director: Giants 35, Patriots 31.

r Ole Olson, KSJB radio: Patriots 31, Giants 17.

r Steve Linzmeier, KQDJ radio: Giants 27, Patriots 21.

We favor the Giants 5-3, with only one spread larger than six points, and everybody either hitting the over/under of 55, or getting close. Which probably means we're in for a defensive struggle, but as Scott T. pointed out, "The Packers won't win, so we're all winners."

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