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Orriginals acquires NFL license

Orriginals Screen Printing and Embroidery owner Len Orr shows some of the NFL-licensed lawn and leaf bags that his company will be producing this year. Orriginals recently teamed up with Fabrique Innovations out of New York to began producing the bags as well as NFL licensed medical scrubs. (David Luessen/The Sun)

Sometimes in business it’s not what you know, but who you know.

After 18 years, Len Orr of Orriginals Screen Printing and Embroidery acquired an NFL license for lawn and leaf bags designed after NFL helmets. Orr said he teamed up with Fabrique Impressions from New York after meeting representatives from the company at a trade show in Las Vegas. He also acquired a license to produce NFL licensed medical scrubs through Fabrique.

“It’s been a tough process,” Orr said. “I put it on the back burner for 18 years and now that I’ve been working with Fabrique and their NFL license, I showed them this product (leaf bags), they liked it and now it has an NFL license. They’re marketing it to the Targets and Walmarts, and by next fall it will be in stores as a test and if it does well, the following year they will be everywhere.”

The acquisition of the NFL license comes at a time when Orriginals is poised for a major expansion. The retail side of the store will be phased out and owners Len and Penny Orr are actively seeking sales representatives to join their team of seven employees. Len said the company currently has a full-time rep in the Jamestown area, Dianne Conlon, and independent reps in Fargo, Valley City and the Wimbledon area. Conlon also has two daughters in Seattle who have joined the sales team.

“The retail store is going but we’re still here and we’re still producing,” Penny Orr said.

Orriginals has a 12-station, eight-color automatic press that can print 500 items an hour. Len Orr credited the machine for the fast turnover time of one to two weeks for an order as the bait that got Fabrique to bite on his offer to produce its merchandise. Orr said outside of Fargo and Bismarck, he was unaware of any other printing shop in the area that had an automatic press or could handle the volume of items that Orriginals does.

“That’s the other thing we’re focusing on: Trying to do more volume,” Orr said. “We’ve set minimum limits on the number of items, if you come to us we require a 24-piece minimum on screen printing. With a lot of our established accounts we’ll work with them if they only need 12 pieces.”

Orr said he’s hard pressed to name a business, he hasn’t produced items for in the 24 years he’s been operating the business,

“Over the years our relationships with businesses have been pretty good, and I think part of that is our turnaround times are pretty quick,” he said. “The other thing is our quality is always good printing. That’s the one thing I get on our employees about is to make sure our quality is good.”

For printing services from Orriginals, call the shop at (701) 252-6406, Conlon at (701) 368-9200, visit the website at or email,

The NFL lawn and leaf bags can be seen at stuffa

“We want to wipe out the pumpkin bag, that’s our goal, and there are a lot of pumpkin bags out there every year,” Len said.

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